Ahh, the 90’s

Hackers, phishers, scammers… we’ve heard these terms before. There are dangerous people in cyberspace and they hide behind a mask of anonymity.

While some “hackers” are providing a service to the community by exposing holes in system security, there are, unfortunately, those malcontents that choose to act maliciously by stealing sensitive information from users for personal gain.

In this digital age we need to know how to prevent such acts from ever happening. It may be as simple as what web browser you use or the changing of simple settings on your computer. This week we sit down with Web Director at the Salina Post, Matt Moody, to discuss web awareness and etiquette in a society dominated by Social Media.

For example, did you know you should never log in to a secure site on an open wi-fi connection? Did you know that when you post something online it is easily traceable back to the computer used … or that deleted photos on social media sites are still stored on the company’s server?

The intention of this interview isn’t to discourage the use of the internet, but rather to promote an informed sensibility when doing so. Don’t miss it!


By guest blogger Ben Myers


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