Obesity is a hot button topic as noted by the responses at salinapost.com from the July 7th “Obesity in Kansas” report.

VillageIdiot Posted:  These people need to get off their FAT@$$ and get some exercise…..Stop using handicap parking stalls because you are fat…..Stop using an electric scooter that my hard earned, IRS taken tax dollars probably paid for using Medicaid, and walk when you go grocery shopping for your fat adding potato chips! Rant done….

Birdawg68 Posted:  How many of them are collecting disability for back problems……Wait for it…..that’s actually caused by them being fat! ”…..Maybe starving with no money would get you to a healthy weight and get ya back in the job market!…..

Kmart Posted:  Yeah, because you know it’s McDonalds fault for making people fat….oh and by the way it’s a pencil’s fault that words are misspelled, and the guns fault that people die. Come on people use your head.

Publius Posted:  Change the laws such that “Being Fat” is not a disability – if you’re 400 pounds and cant walk, you don’t get a Handicap car tag, and a rascal scooter + accomodations at work and Social Security Disability payments.  I say you can be as fat as you want, but you shouldn’t get special dispensation for it.

For another viewpoint….

Concerned Father Posted: Everyone needs to quit with the stereotypical comments. Maybe you should live in someone else’s shoes for a little while…..I have 2 children, one is obese and the other can’t even gain enough weight to get on the growth chart. They do similar things and eat healthy foods. Is the one that’s obese a lazy slob, NO, she watches what she eats, exercises, and does everything she can to be healthy…..Lets have a little compassion here and give these people the emotional support they deserve.

Listen to “The Joan Jerkovich Show” where Adrienne Gapter, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, talks about obesity in Salina.  With her work in the health care industry she has firsthand knowledge of the toll lack of exercise and poor diets can take on our bodies.  Alarming information on childhood obesity……this show may just be the spark that will get you moving and eating better!

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