Salina is on the national radar!  With the July 23rd New York Times article about the new Kansas University School of Medicine, the nation is watching Salina!

Billed as “the smallest 4 year medical school in the nation”, there are 8 inaugural students in the first class.   Most of the students come from small towns in Kansas, and the hope is that once their training is complete, they will return to those same Kansas small towns to practice Family Medicine.

Kayla (Klug) Johnson, one of the small town students, said that she was excited to have a medical school in a town the size of Salina.  Her hometown is Odin, Kansas.  Odin has a purported population of 101.  Small indeed!

Odin neighbors my home town of Hoisington (a big city with a population of around 3,000), so Kayla and I got to name drop and talk about home town stuff.  You know, the local all-in-one: bar/restaurant/grocery store/gas station community hang out places.

Listen in to hear how Kayla became interested in medicine through all her sports injuries.  I’m certain that the dedication and work ethic she fostered to compete in both high school sports, then on the Forts Hays State basketball team, will serve her well in her new endeavor.

Good Luck Kayla!!  You make the home town folks proud!

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