The Stunning Ormeli as Elizabeth

Most of us have heard of online fantasy games like World of Warcraft, but did you know an entire subculture of people are dressing up like their favorite video game characters?

Some are even meeting in the park to beat each other with foam swords! The acts of cosplay (costume play), which is usually reserved for conventions or provocative photo shoots (see Elizabeth from Bioshock), and LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) are slowly gaining attention.

LARPing involves creating a character and organizing in a park with other fantasy role players to battle for the shire, or some other made-up, er, scenario (See Monster Camp).

While the approach is rather hands-on, other fantasy gamer types enjoy the solitude and quiet strategy of Dungeons and Dragons or the popular card game Magic the Gathering. With so many outlets to escape to the realm of Tolkien, radio host Joan Jerkovich sits down with a local conjurer to make sense of it all. His credentials: we found him playing MTG at the Arena.


By guest blogger Ben Myers.


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