Tattooing has a long history dating back many centuries.  Tattoos have been used in many cultures and societies as a ceremonial rite of passage, for personal identification, and for artistic expression.  Roman soldiers were required by law to have identifying tattoos on their hands in order to make it difficult to hide if they deserted. Exported slaves were tattooed with the words “tax paid” and it was a common practice to tattoo “Stop me, I’m a runaway” on their foreheads! Nazi prisoners were “marked” or tattooed with a number during the holocaust. Gangs members are often identified by their own unique tattoos.  Listen in as the culture, techniques and art of tattoos are discussed on “The Joan Jerkovich Show” with local tattoo artist Jimmy, and his wife Melinda, from SUPERCHARGED TATTOO in Salina.  Watch the video outtakes for additional interesting footage on permanent makeup and, if you dare….body modification!

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