Joan Jerkovich is the host of 910 KINA’s NEW premier radio talk show, called….go figure…. “The Joan Jerkovich Show”! Debuting soon, Saturdays at 9am.

Here’s the show lineup that everyone’s talking about!:

“I willed my estate to a charity scam” Three Cups of Tea Founder Greg Mortenson travels in a private jet….President Obama gave his “scam” charity $100,000.00….Did you send him money?

“Abducted by an alien” He’s a real person with a “real” story.  Can’t wait for this one!!

“Cheating Husbands” (Note to the two married fellows from Mokas….I saw you both blushing….my offer to come on the show under an alias still holds….)

“The Navy Seal Dog” My personal hero who, fitted with titanium teeth at a cost of $2,000 per tooth (to bite through enemy armor), was part of the elite team with the Osama Bin Laden attack.

“Polygamy, sister wives, and does having multiple wives allow using one as a human shield?” Hmmm….did he (Bin Laden) or didn’t he……

“Homeless and living under the bridge has its benefits” You’ve seen him around town with his dread locks, missing teeth and crazy clothes.   We want to round him up for an interview.  (Note to producer:  check stock of air freshener)

“The pedophile next door” Have you checked the sex offender map lately?

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Joan Jerkovich

Joan Jerkovich is a Certified Life Coach and Entrepreneur who’s business ventures include owning “Dignity Care Home”, an assisted living facility; Producing feature films and screenwriting.  Contact Joan and her production team at  We welcome your crazy, fun and entertaining show ideas and comments!The Joan Jerkovich Show Theme Music